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Is Your Child Ready for Childcare? 5 Signs To Look For

Its hard enough to put you child into childcare but knowing when your toddler is ready makes it a little bit easier. Children are meant to grow up and like it or not that’s what they do. Some do it more naturally and some need a little guidance, but either way there are 5 signs that let you know your child is ready for childcare.

  • Independence

You need to look at how dependant your child is. What are they like when you leave the room or go somewhere without them? Do they have separation anxiety? If your child has no problem with being without you then they are ready for childcare. However, if they struggle, you can begin to get them used to it by leaving them with family or friends while you go shopping. Your child will begin to understand that they don’t have to worry and stress because you will come back.

  • Routine

Does your child have a set bedtime? Can they handle routine? If so, your child is ready for childcare. There are many routines at childcare so, if your child is not used to them, you can get them childcare ready by introducing some routines into homelife – like having them take a bath, brush their teeth, put pyjamas on, into bed, then story time until lights out.

  • Curious

It is our natural curiosity that leads us to learn and discover new things. So, if your child is curious or asking ‘why’, then they are ready for childcare.

  • Overwhelmed

Starting childcare can be daunting for any child but for a child that is overwhelmed by experiences, noises, people, or stimulation then childcare can be more traumatic. If your child is confident in these situations, then they are ready for childcare. For those that do become overwhelmed then you can begin to prepare them by introducing them to these things, allowing them to experience them in small doses, letting them become more comfortable in any situation.

  • Development

If your child is hitting their developmental milestones within the standard frame, then your child is ready for any childcare. However, if your child is not within the ‘norm’ then they may need more specialised help. You can find out more about what services the childcare providers near you offer with a little research. Perhaps you are in St Ives, New South Wales then you can use this link for child care options in St Ives. Or enter your post code at to find out about childcare near you.

Whether putting your child into care is a necessity or an option, there are things you can do to ensure your child is ready. The first six years are the most formative for children, where they form habits, attitudes, and foundations that can last a lifetime. So, it makes sense to give your child their best start with quality childcare, and these five signs will help you know when your child is ready for childcare.