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Length Of Teething – How Long Will Be the Time-frame For Your Little Baby to Suffer?

A quote reads “A teething baby is so much fun, said no mother ever.” Yes, most moms with lots of concerns about their little baby would have worried about the teething problem. They know that teething is not an easy process for the baby to get through.

Of course, some babies get through it with ease. However, some babies face dysentery, while some of them experience other problems like irritability. We know that as a caring mom, you worry about the length of teething in your baby. You will be asking how long should my baby suffer? Should he experience the same problems during the growth of every tooth will be your question. Here, an understanding of the different stages of teething might help:

5 stages of teething in babies

  • The first stage of teething happens from 0-6 months. Most moms breastfeed their babies for the first six months. So, understanding the concern of getting bitten by the baby, nature has gifted that the first teeth will appear only around the sixth month of the baby. This is the stage, where the baby develops milk teeth.
  • The second stage is called Rapid Chipmunk. It is during the 6 to 10 months of life, the first teeth start to erupt in most babies. The first teeth to come out will be the lower and the upper lateral and central incisors. For a layman, it is called as chipmunk teeth.
  • The third stage is known by dentists as holy molars. It happens during the 10th to the 14th month of the baby. It is the period when most moms look for anti-misery remedies for themselves and their babies. The reason is that at this stage the baby will be stressed as most teeth come out of gums at this stage.
  • The fourth stage of the teething process is called as Fangs by dentists. The ones that grow at this stage are canine tooth.

How to ease the discomfort?

We know that you worry how long teething will last because of the discomfort experienced by the baby troubles you a lot. But, you can do certain things to ease the discomfort for your baby.

Teething rings

Thanks to the silicone-based teething rings available these days! You can give them to your baby to chew on to ease the teething discomfort. Even, you can consider refrigerating it to make it even more pain-free for your infant.

Rub your finger

Make sure that your fingers are spotless. Now, rub your finger over the gums of the baby. The pressure can numb the pain for your baby temporarily.

Cold and soft face washer

Even, you can hand over a clean, cold and soft face washer to chew on.

Can you breastfeed during teething?

Some babies prefer to nurse more at the time of teething. The reason is that it eases their pain. But, some babies do not. The reason is that they feel that the sucking action worsens their pain.

Do not feel worried

There is really no exact way to gauge how long teething will last as it differs from a baby to another. However, fortunately, you can soothe the discomfort from the tips given above.