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Birthday Party Venues: What Children Really Want?

Planning birthday parties for your kids can seem to get a lot more time consuming and stressful year after year, but these big birthday parties we see on the Internet may not be what the kids really want for their celebration. We talk to some event planners and parents to know and find out what children really want for their birthday parties – it turns out that bigger is not always a better option when it comes to birthday celebrations for kids.

Take it from a lot of parents with experience on how doing it properly: Kids may say they want a big party blowout at the nearest arcade, but what the kids really want is to have a party that is more meaningful and less chaotic. Birthdays are a time for parents to enter their kid’s world.

Every child wants people to see and understand them, and that is what a birthday celebration should really be about. As a matter of fact, keeping the celebration simpler and smaller may make a more enjoyable and bigger impression on the kid in the long run.

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Considered as the most memorable experiences are in people’s lives are those that evoke an emotional connection, incorporate the different senses, as well as include a sense of novelty. Slowing down to focus on life’s simple pleasures like good food, laughter, and family – affords kids, a party that incorporates essential parts of childhood.

So, when planning for this year’s party, instead of getting hyped or get into a frenzy, make sure to use your sense of nostalgia. Play the day involving tossing balls, playing tag, gathering in the park and the beach, or playing board games. And whatever you do, make sure to consider taking tips from parents, as well as experts, as they share their experiences when it comes to birthday party planning.

Step away from competitions

It is very easy for parties to become too competitive for all the people attending it, or it will be all about status, where parents are trying to one-up each other over things from the venue to show how excellent the goodie bags are. Instead, parents need to establish proper values and make sure the kids do not get caught up in all the outside pressure to compete.

Parents need to focus on redefining the real value of birthday parties. It is all about celebrating the kid’s life and connecting with people they really love and who they care most about, and that is your friends and family. It is not about showing off or impressing people attending. If it is about competing with other parents, then the celebration is not about the kid, it is about people attending it.

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Let the kids plan their party

If the kid insists on helping with the planning process, do not hesitate to invite them to play a significant role – depending on their age, of course. Parents can let their children can take the lead in making them is by picking their party theme.

Exercise crowd control

If you have a baby or a toddler who does not love interacting with a lot of people, having a birthday party with lots of people just will not be for them. If loads of friends and family want to attend the event, consider inviting them over for cake and coffee the weekend before the event and have the children party the weekend after.

It may be a lot of work to plan two occasions, but it can help ensure that the event does not get overwhelmed entirely on the kid’s big day. Also, teens can feel that bash with a lot of people is not the right event for them. They may like a unique activity with just their friends.

Think of trapeze class, a movie party with unlimited soda and popcorn, a day out in Hollywood boulevard or Manhattan, or an indoor rock-climbing event. Birthday celebrations do not always have to be a big party with many guests.

Gather in unique places

Most parents keep their kids’ parties low key. Some parents have a story time or tea party, and instead of receiving loot bags, kids attending the event can go home with children’s books. You are not only spending less on the event, but you are also encouraging children and future generation to read books. You can also have the event in places like the world of Kidtropolis to make it more enjoyable for kids.

Honor the child’s’ passions

Parents need to plan the birthday event around the children’s interests. For example, if the kid likes to dance, ask someone who organizes dance parties to prepare for the event. You can also invite other kids who also like to dance. It is wonderful to watch your sons or daughters share something they love with their friends.

Incorporating your children’s interests is a wonderful way to make the event extra special. Focusing on things that are very important to the birthday boy or girl can forge a strong connection with the children and guardians, as well as an experience beyond what the kids might find at a traditional birthday bash.

See the party as a community-building event

Birthday events should focus entirely on the birthday girl or boy, but it should also serve another purpose, especially if your family is new in town. These events have been an excellent way to meet new people, especially the neighbors in the area. Kids can invite their whole class so the event can be a unique way for them to get to know other children, as well as for the parents to meet other parents.

Focus on the love

Children just want to feel celebrated and loved. They do not care about the little things about the cake or the venue. As for the gifts, parents can also implement a “No Gift” policy to save money and effort. Children can bring birthday cards to the party, or family members can organize a donation cause where kids can donate clothes, money, or food to less fortunate children.